Another great week on soccer picks


I waited in my modest office for the near-perfect pick department results of a second straight light week as the Southeastern Conference hits the nail on the head, including Alabama hosting LSU this Saturday. Only one SEC team has a Saturday off in November (Vanderbilt this Saturday). It’s hard to believe nine weeks of SEC football are over.

My periodic glances down the hallway to the lavish wing housing the War Room, Break Room, Boardroom, Executive Suite, and Nerd Spa have paid off.

The Big Geek was walking towards me, his gang of boys watching intently as they lounged outside the break room.

“I was waiting to find out how the Halloween costume party went,” I said. He told me that the department’s party included a competition, to see how professional football coaches would do in predicting how everyone would be dressed.

“Oh, that,” GG dismissed him with a wave of his hand. “I won again. I win every year. I predict all will come as accountants and they always do.

“Also,” he added, “I noticed that the stash of pocket protectors in the supply cabinet had been looted. Dead gift.

And with that, he handed over a Geek Gang report on Saturday’s four SEC games.

It was a very good week for the APP department, 4-0 on the winner’s selection (rights) and against the points spread, but only 2-2 on the over-under (combined points of both teams). It was the second week in a row that the boys were right about all the winners.

For the year, the Nerds are 60-18 (76.9%) to pick the winners, 40-31 (56.3%) against the bet line and 38-33 (53.5%) on the or.

Here are the matches from last week with spreads and over-unders:

Missouri at (3-4 overall, 0-3 SEC) at Vanderbilt (2-6, 0-4). Missouri favored by 16 points (-16), plus-minus 63 1/2. PREDICTION: Missouri 31, Vanderbilt 17. ACTUAL: Mizzou 37, Vandy 28. Correct on winner and against the line, incorrect on or 1 ½ point).

Florida (4-3, 2-3) vs. Georgia (7-0, 5-0) at Jacksonville, Fla. Georgia -14, or 51. PREDICTION: Georgia 35, Fla. 13. REAL: Georgia 34, Fla. 7. Right on all, winner, against the spread, and or.

Ole Miss (6-1, 3-1) at Auburn (5-2, 2-1). Auburn -2 ½, or 66. PREDICTION; Auburn 30, Ole Miss 27. CURRENT: Auburn 31, Ole Miss 20. Correct on everything, straight ahead, against the line and the or.

Kentucky (6-1, 4-1) at Mississippi State (4-3, 2-2). Kentucky -1 ½, or 47. PREDICTION: Mississippi State 27, Kentucky 17. ACTUAL: Mississippi State 31, Kentucky 17. Right on winner and against spread, wrong on or (by 1 point).

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