Fairness at the center of the annual conference of the Center for Journalism Ethics


MADISON, February 22, 2022 (Journalism Ethics Centers) – The Center for Journalism Ethics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will host its 13th annual journalism ethics conference at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery on Friday, April 29 in Madison. The conference is free, open to the public, and made possible through the generous sponsorships of craig newmark philanthropies and the Evjue Foundation.

The Wisconsin Newspaper Association, which is a conference sponsor, will send a link to the virtual conference to WNA members on the day of the event.

Called “Focus on Equity: Journalism, Ethics and a Just Futurethe conference will bring together news media professionals, nonprofit news leaders, media innovators, scholars, students, and the public to address the ethical dimensions of reporting on inequality and injustice, as well as inequalities in the field of journalism itself.

The ongoing crises in the United States and around the world are increasing and revealing inequalities in housing, criminal justice, food security, employment, health care, access to voting, and more. Media organizations are also in a state of profound change, with wealth and power concentrating in large news outlets, and local news outlets weakening and reinventing themselves.

“We are at a critical time to dig deeper into the inequalities that plague our society and the role journalism can play in addressing them,” said Kathleen Bartzen Culver, James E. Burgess Chair in Journalism Ethics and Center Director. . “A key part of this discussion must be about fairness within journalism itself – a long overdue look within.”

Sewell Chan, editor of the Texas Tribune, will deliver a keynote address titled “Can Journalism Bring Justice?” Expert panelists will also discuss issues such as the coverage of inequalities in systems, the equitable representation of communities, and the role of technology in driving inequalities in various sectors. A select group of news leaders will also present their perspective on equity issues facing the media and their workplaces.

The Journalism Ethics Center, housed at UW-Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, provides an international hub for examining the role of professional and personal ethics in the pursuit of fair, accurate, and grounded journalism. on principles. The Center offers resources for journalists, educators, students and the public, including internationally recognized annual conferences exploring key issues in journalism.

craig newmark philanthropies supports groups that seek to uphold values ​​such as fairness, opportunity, and respect and to strengthen American democracy. The organization encourages broad civic engagement by working to advance organizations focused on trusted journalism and the news ecosystem, voter protection, women in technology, veterans and military families . Craig Newmark is the founder of craigslist.

The Evjue Foundation is the charitable arm of The Capital Times newspaper. Since its founding in the 1960s, the Foundation has awarded grants totaling more than $70 million to noteworthy educational, cultural and charitable organizations in the newspaper’s circulation area.

Registration is open and available here.

For more information, see the conference webpage and/or contact Krista Eastman, administrator of the Center for Journalism Ethics, at [email protected].

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