How to use Together mode in Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams “Together Mode” allows you to meet other people in a shared virtual conference room.
  • When Together mode is on, you will see video of each participant sitting together in a shared background.
  • You will need at least four people on a Teams call to activate Together mode.
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A bare-handed team meeting at 5 p.m. on Friday is never popular. And having to watch a video call screen all the time doesn’t make it any easier.

So while it’s not a perfect solution, Microsoft Teams’ “together mode” is great for making meetings more engaging. Together mode brings everyone’s video feed together on a shared virtual background, so it looks like you’re actually sitting in a room together It’s a fun visual.

Together mode is available in Microsoft Teams on PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Here is how to use it.

How to activate Microsoft Teams together mode

To activate Together mode, you will need at least four people in the same call. It supports up to 49 people. You’ll also need to be running the latest version of Teams – make sure your app is up to date.

On a Mac or PC

1. Open Microsoft Teams and join a call. It doesn’t matter if you are a presenter or a “participant”.

2. Click on the three points in the upper right corner, then select Ensemble Mode (Preview). If you don’t see the option, either your app isn’t updating or there aren’t enough people in the call.

A screenshot of the Microsoft Teams app, with the "Fashion Set" highlighted option.

Activate Ensemble mode.

Microsoft; William Antonelli / Insider

3. The screen will move to show a virtual background, with everyone’s video streams superimposed. As people join and leave the call, it will zoom in to fit everyone.

Together mode in Microsoft Teams.

Anyone who has their video enabled will appear in the background.

Microsoft; William Antonelli / Insider

4. If you want to turn off Ensemble mode, click the three dots again and select Gallery.

By default, the background will be a stone amphitheater, but you can change it by clicking Change scene in the lower left corner. There are over a dozen options, and each one organizes the video streams in a different way.

The menu that lets you choose a new background for Together mode in Microsoft Teams.

There are a variety of different backgrounds.

Microsoft; William Antonelli / Insider

Enabling Ensemble mode only activates it for yourself, but changing the background will change it for anyone using Ensemble mode.

On iPhone or Android

1. Open the Microsoft Teams app and join a call. You can be a presenter or a “participant”.

2. Faucet the three points at the bottom of the screen, then select Meeting views.

The options menu in the Microsoft Teams iPhone app, with the "Meeting views" highlighted option.

Tap “Meeting Views”.

Microsoft; William Antonelli / Insider

3. Faucet Fashion set. If you don’t see this option, you don’t have enough people on the call.

4. The screen will change and the Ensemble mode background will appear, with each participant’s video stream in a different location. As people join and leave the call, it will zoom in to fit everyone.

Together mode in the Microsoft Teams iPhone app.

You can rotate your phone to rotate the visual.

Microsoft; William Antonelli / Insider

5. If you want to turn off Together mode, select Meeting views again and press Gallery Where Large gallery.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the Ensemble mode background in the mobile app. But as with the desktop version, turning on or off Ensemble mode for yourself doesn’t affect anyone else.

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