How to watch the Austrian Bundesliga in the United States


Watch the Austrian Bundesliga in the United States

You have come to the right place to find out how to watch the Austrian Bundesliga in the American top flight. Austria is one of the many competitive leagues across Europe. However, it errs on which side is harder to watch or stream.

Also, while other major leagues are broadcast on linear channels or simple streaming services, this league is different. To watch the Austrian Bundesliga in the US regions, read below for more information.

Watch the Austrian Bundesliga in the United States

Let’s not confuse the Austrian Bundesliga with the German Bundesliga. Yes, the leagues share the name. However, most people would recognize Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Wolfsburg or RB Leipzig.

The Austrian Bundesliga is not as popular as its German counterpart. Still, the league offers a fair amount of tight competition throughout the season. Yet, in the same way as the German Bundesliga, one team dominates.

Red Bull Salzburg won 12 of the last 15 Austrian Bundesliga titles. Either way, six different clubs, including Salzburg, have won championships in the past 20 years.

Currently, there are opportunities for five league teams to qualify for European competition. The Europa Conference League opened these doors with its introduction in the 2020/21 season. Austrian teams regularly appearing in European competitions include Red Bull Salzburg, Rapid Wien, Austria Wien, LASK and Sturm Graz.

A number of players from the biggest European clubs have gone through the Austrian top flight. Sadio Mane played for RB Salzburg before moving to England. Marcel Sabitzer represented Salzburg and Rapid Wien before joining Bayern Munich.

USMNT fans would recognize Brenden Aaronson. The Medford, NJ native plays for RB Salzburg at club level when not representing his nation. He is one of the many USMNT players in Europe.

Games for For Fans

For those interested in how to watch the Austrian Bundesliga in the United States, a relatively unknown streaming service provides the solution.

Usually For the Fans (or FTF) broadcasts a few Austrian Bundesliga matches each week. The games are sometimes broadcast on the FTF channel itself. Or if there are other programs occupying that channel, sometimes games are broadcast instead. The official FTF website is at

If your cable or satellite provider doesn’t offer FTF, you can also find it at fuboTV and Fanatiz.

As there are only 12 teams in the Austrian Bundesliga, six matches take place on each match day. Therefore, FTF broadcasts about half of the games per week.

FTF was launched in 2017 as an American multisport streaming platform. The content of the service includes access to live games, video on demand, analysis, interviews and much more. In addition, match broadcasts are also available after the day they occur.

The agreement between the Austrian Bundesliga and the FTF lasts until the 2023/24 season.

FTF is a streaming platform. You will find the sporting content of the service there 24 hours a day. Even then, FTF also appears on a number of cable and streaming providers. Notably, Roku, Fanatiz, and Samsung TV Plus all broadcast the channel in their programming.

Other content on FTF

In addition to Austrian Bundesliga matches, FTF also broadcasts other sports. They include rugby (both professional and college) and the Women’s Football Alliance (American football). In addition, they offer Pacific League baseball, international basketball and lacrosse. Plus, you can watch archery, billiards, and pickleball.

FTF is essentially the online arm of the Next Level Sports cable / satellite channel. Next Level Sports is available on fuboTV, Fanatiz, DirecTV, Verizon Fios, Roku and many other providers. However, FTF content is generally delivered through their website or Twitch. Users can also stream content to Android and Apple devices through the company’s free app.

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