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Isaiah Calvert, 18, is the son of Michael and Kay Calvert of Ward. He is a member of Beebe Troop 362 at American Legion Post 91. “I have partnered with the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and the First Electric Cooperative to install bat habitats in the Cypress Bayou Wildlife Area on Highway 31 to the Lonoke/White County line.”

David Coleman, 18, is the son of Kevin Sr. and Jennifer Coleman of Hot Springs. He is a member of Troop 10 in Hot Springs at Oaklawn United Methodist Church. “I built a blessing box in front of my church to help people in the community. The blessing box contains items such as toiletries, food, diapers, and religious literature.”

Brett Dineen, 18, is the son of Steve and Lynn Dineen of Little Rock. He is a member of Troop 29 in Little Rock at Christ the King Church. “I constructed a rail from the future site of the farm/therapy center to the future site of the playground and football field of the future home of Pediatric Plus Therapy Farm in Bryant, AR. The trail incorporated a tree very unique that grows horizontally that therapists will use as part of their therapy services.”

Nina Gunnell, 18, is the daughter of Jon and Beyjo Gunnell of Hot Springs. She is a member of Troop 6020 in Hot Springs at Congregation House of Israel. “I drove a wooden pole 10 feet into the ground and attached a triangular shade sail to the pole and to the eaves of the pool house at Camp Tanako at Lake Catherine. The project provided shade for their pool I am the 7th female to achieve Eagle rank in the Ouachita District of the Quapaw Regional Council.”

Jameson Lang, 16, is the son of Brian and Kristin Lang of Little Rock. He is a member of Troop 7705 in Little Rock at Little Rock Catholic High School. “I coordinated the collection of shoes and backpacks for community members struggling to get out of homelessness, in partnership with Settled Souls and Jericho Way Day Resource Center. I also coordinated the design and construction of carpet storage units.”

Dylan Middleton, 14, is the son of Tanya Middleton and Brandon Middleton of Bryant. He is a member of Troop 17 in Bryant at First United Methodist Church. “Bishop Park is a recreation facility in Bryant that contains a swimming pool, sports court and community garden. On October 31, 2020 a new flowerbed was designed, planned and constructed for all to enjoy. I am the first African-American in Troop 17 history to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.”

Paul Moellers, 18, is the son of Robert and Diane Moellers of Little Rock. He is a member of Troop 29 in Little Rock at Christ the King Catholic Church. The project involved the design and construction of a wooden bridge to connect a camp building to a hiking trail at Fercliff Camp and Conference Center.

Kevin Osorio, 18, is the son of Lina and Jorge Osorio of Sherwood. He is a member of Troop 427 in North Little Rock at Immaculate Conception School. While working with Immaculate Conception School in North Little Rock, he saw an opportunity to rebuild a vital retaining wall on the property that had fallen into disrepair. Kevin and his troupe have built a new fortified retaining wall, made with higher quality materials and landscaping that will last for many years and make the surrounding area safe for visitors.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette would like to recognize the accomplishments of Arkansas’ new Eagle Scouts by publishing their profiles and photos.

1. Submit the requested information on the profile card to 121 E. Capitol Ave., Little Rock, Ark. 72201.

2. Attach to this form the photo of the Eagle Scout you wish to publish. Clear head shots and a glossy (not matte) finish are best. Photos cannot be returned. Photos can be emailed (high res, please) to Joy Brown at [email protected]

Isaiah Michael Calvert
Photo Scout Eagle David Coleman.
Photo Brett Dineen
Photo Nina Gunnell
Photo jameson lang
Photo Dylan Middleton
Photo Paul Moellers
Photo Eagle Scout Kevin Osorio.

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