Official: Vincenzo Italiano renews until 2024


Despite Fiorentina’s arrival in the Conference League, enthusiasm for Viola’s next campaign is weaker than it should be. This is largely due to the uncertainty after Lucas Torreira’s terrible treatment. Rumors such as signing Vanja Milinkovic-Savić on loan as Pietro Terriciano’s replacement instead of a true No.1 only amplifies the fact that Rocco Commisso doesn’t want to spend at this point.

So, we were late for some good news, and we finally got some today. The renewal of Vincenzo Italiano (and his team) until the end of the 2023-24 season has finally been made official after weeks of speculation. Fiorentina also have the option to extend the contract until 2024-25.

Although it took longer than expected, Viola fans can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Italiano is now said to be on around €2m in salary a year, more than double his earnings from last season. Any Fiorentina fan knows that figure is more than deserved, as he took a team quite similar to the relegation-threatened teams before and sent us back to Europe after six long years.

Now comes the time to plan. With Fiorentina likely to undergo a heavy transition both on and off the pitch next year, how can the Viola keep Italiano happy as the frontrunners of this project in the years to come? As I mentioned earlier, if we fail to strengthen the squad enough this season and the bench opens up at a club like Napoli or Romethere’s not much we can do to convince Vinny to stay.

For now, let’s enjoy this good news, and focus on the summer transfer window. Luka Jović is in pole position for the substitute striker position at the moment, a decision that could be formalized in the coming days. As already mentioned, the depressing rumor that Milinković-Savić is about to sign as a substitute goalkeeper brings me down to earth about the ambitions of this club. Still, as long as Italiano is our master for next season, I have no reason not to be optimistic about Viola’s performance on the pitch.

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