Returnees enjoy new opportunities in the team


On Friday (8:45 p.m., live on ORF1) against world champion France, some of the returnees were able to present themselves to the team. In Croatia (3-0), Danso and Trauner played out a confident second half in fours with left-back Maximilian Wober and Christopher Tremmel on the right – a defensive formation no one could count on. Aside from Trimmel, most of the others haven’t made the national team recently.

The same goes for Weimann, who also participated in March, but was in Osijek for the first time since 2014 in the ÖFB Championship from 11 years old. Bremen legionnaire Friedel played in the 2-1 draw with Denmark and, like Salzburg’s Maximilian Wupper, is now an option for the left-winger. In the national team, although both are usually centrally located at the club. In order to get a sense of his game on the field in a consistent and ultimately successful way, Rangnick doesn’t just rely on the usual suspects.

Transfers from Danso and Trauner helped

Danso played his last international game until last week in June 2018 against Brazil (0-3). He didn’t have a chance under Franco Voda for a long time but Rangnick allowed him to debut in Croatia and came on as a substitute against Denmark as well. At some point, the time will come, according to Danso himself, when he will test his patience. “You have to do your best every day. I try to show that I belong here.

Geba / Johannes Friedel

Danso and Trauner (right) returned with strong performances in the national first team

Like Trauner, who moved from LASK to Feynoord Rotterdam and took another step with the Conference League runners-up, Danso also benefited from his time at RC Lens in France. “I think I did my job at the club.” Trauner last played 0-4 against Denmark in March 2021, he has matured in Rotterdam and is now back in full force. “He was calm and was there in important situations,” praised Rangnick in Osijek.

The competition is the biggest part of the ÖFB defense, especially since Martin Hinterger (injured) and Philipp Lenhart (ill) are absent and Alexander Dragovic has not been called up. And under Rangnick, ÖFB star David Alaba is now also a midfielder. Danso defended against the Danes for half an hour alongside Real Madrid. Possible coupling of the future? “I think it worked really well,” Danso said at 1.90m. “It’s great, it makes things so much easier.” Alaba plays at a very high level. “You can learn a lot from him.”

Friedel and Weber are candidates for the left side

Marco Friedel has already benefited a lot from Alaba. Tyrolean spent a lot of time with Alaba in his youth at Bayern Munich. The 24-year-old is also a candidate at left-back for whom Rangnick is still looking for a permanent solution. Friedel was once a substitute for Alaba at Bayern and recently moved to Werder Bremen in the center of defence. “The position is an option for me in the ÖFB team, I can know it very well.”

Maximilian Weber, Marco Ragos and Marco Friedel (Australia)

Geba / Matthias Mandel

Wöber (left) and Friedel (right) have known each other since they were under 21 together and are now gaining a foothold in the first team

As a left-back, Friedel said he should have stepped up the attack even more. “Especially in the last third we can do more.” Fauber provided assists against Croatia and also has to play against France as Friedel is injured.

Friedel said Rangnick would have given the team “a lot” in a short period of time and would have dealt with pressure in attack, among other things. Under his predecessor Fouda, he played Unterinntaler, as Danso and Co., a supporting role only, and he has five international appearances. After being promoted again to the Bundesliga, he hopes for consistency – also in the Austrian Football Association squad. “I don’t want to leave after these four games.”

Wayman “under the radar”

So did Weimann (“I’m done with the team”), who won 3-0 in Croatia for the first time in eight years at the start of the eleventh season of the Premier League. UEFA. At Bristol, the 30-year-old mainly plays in attacking midfield or as a striker, rarely outplaying the winger like initially at Osijek. “I think I can play almost any position, maybe not as a centre-back,” Wyman said afterwards.

And Iman in an interview

The Austria national football team started the era of Ralph Rangnick with a 3-0 win. In an interview, Andreas Wyman and David Alaba analyzed the game against Croatia and talked about the new team leader.

In the second half, the former Aston Villa player acted attackingly, recently also affecting his club – 22 goals and ten assists in the 2021/22 season speak for themselves. In any case, Rangnick (“Faymann was a little under the radar”) made it clear at the start of his era that players who don’t earn their money in the Bundesliga also have their chances – provided they fit the system and well. sure to perform well in the end.

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