Sajith asks the government. convene an international conference on aid

  • Says SJB will support the government. to overcome the economic problem if a genuine and transparent effort is made
  • Call for the convening of an international aid conference
  • Says SJB is a responsible opposition party
  • Reiterates the president, the Prime Minister must resign

SJB leader Sajith Premadasa yesterday called on the government to convene an international conference on aid to Sri Lanka and pledged his full support to make it a success. “We are ready to support the government to overcome this situation. Call an international aid conference in that country. We will attend and support without any political motive any transparent and genuine effort to secure aid that will go directly to those in need in this country,” he said.

He said the SJB is ready to do so on behalf of the 22 million people of this country.

Premadasa said he asked the European Union not to cancel the GSP plus facility in Sri Lanka and also encouraged the Indian government to help Sri Lanka.

“We are a responsible opposition,” he said.

Premadasa said the same MPs who cheered when tax cuts were given to the wealthy are once again applauding the finance minister’s announcement to raise taxes.

The Leader of the Opposition also said that the country’s economic problems were created by the policies of the President and Prime Minister and that they must step down.

“We must be given a chance to obtain a new mandate. As long as the president and the prime minister are in power, there will be only darkness,” he said.

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